There was never any creator. No higher being or force to think this world up. Instead, it was myself who started it all, but not by creating. In a sense, I created myself, dreamed up my figure, my traits, and found myself on this world. It seems that if you reach the highest state of mind, you can simply will yourself places, think up entire new people, and give yourself abilities. I would know, because I did all three of those things.

However, this does not make me a creator. All spirits are pre-existing, and if you are in tune enough with your surroundings enough, you can feel the life energy around you. Such power could overwhelm a human, unless of course, properly divided. But even then, the mind can easily lose control and let all the power go to their head. As I pondered this, I realized that I was alone on this planet. It's not even that I thought up the planet, I just ended up there when I began to truly exist. No other energy had been able to mold themselves in my way yet, so I decided to help out a bit.

Again, I used simply willed them into existance. 

Chapter One

Chapter Two

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