By Candlelight, By Starlight

Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

A candle
When lit will burn
All the way down it's core
Throwing light to all who watch
Consuming itself until
It has nothing left to burn
It dies

A star is much the same
On a cosmic scale
Fusing heat and light
To give us all life
And yet one day too
Even the dimmest star will fall

A person
Could also compare
To such points of light
For the brightest human will burn
Not with flame, but passion
And give to those surrounding
While burning up it's own soul
It's own centre

For to truly make others happy
It must burn from the core
And like a star afar
Or a candlestick lit
And when there's nothing left
When all the energy is burned
And spread to dust
What's left is a shell
A distant rock where once was life

And so is the universe
Order to disorder
Dust to dust

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