But dust in the vast infinity of space,

Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

I like looking into space
it makes me feel small
because I know that every star
is so far away
and is so big
and bright

and to me it's a tiny speck in
the vast infinity beyond
in the void of nothing
and dark

and so what am I to a star?
our star, our sun is but a speck
and our world but a pebble
lobbed gently into orbit
making ripples in gravity
undetectable from so far
and each person
is dust

less that that to a star
we are nothing at all
for all our towers and buildings
and seas and rivers and hills
all our rockets and ships
we are nothing at all
floating on an endless sea of space

I like looking into space
it makes me feel small
and it makes me feel better
to know that i am nothing
that to the stars
i don't matter at all

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