The alien war

"Giving up is for losers, but true heroes never give up. Hope still runs permanent, and lives fight for justice and freedom."

Bronze Truths is a post-apocalyptic action science fiction tale written by creative author BetaRain, and serves as his first original story.

Plot Summary

It's the mid-2160's, and the american society has been destroyed by an army of monstrous aliens from Outer Space, originally residing in the darkest planet out there. Now, in the destroyed city of Burbank California, a journalist who currently joins the US army must save his family from the same aliens and bring back justice to the country with the help of his fellow soldiers before another war starts. All for one and one for all, they can all qualify bronze truths to the nation.

The Characters

  • Ralph

More Coming Soon.

The Story

Link: Bronze Truths (story)

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