Broken Time

Author: Leopard
Type: Poems
Rating: Moderate
Status: Complete

100 points to whoever understands the poet I am referencing in this one

nothing but vague, empty space.
Out in the universe,
Stars, every minute, die and are born;
Galaxies collide and planets destroyed;
Light touches the surface of a new world
For the very first time.

nothing but vague, endless time.
Throughout the universe,
All things march on towards destruction;
Life lives and awaits it certain end;
A child gazes up at the stars
For the very first time.

endless, empty space.
The earth is just a rock in the universe.
How fragile it is;
How fragile are the tendrils of gravity
That tether us to this world;
The string that holds the moon in place,
The fabric holding the universe together.

vague, fragile time.
Our own concept of the universe.
How endless it is;
How endless the expanse beyond our eyes
Where stars are born and die;
Where there are places we can never reach
Not even with our eyes,
No telescope sees time.

nothing but vague, endless time.
nothing but vague, empty space.
We are nothing
And yet to be, to be makes us everything
As we wander through passing time.

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