• Shandow and cat

    The Crazy Girl

    August 8, 2017 by Shandow and cat

    The Crazy Girl. It was morning and the day is cloudy, a brown-haired girl was listening to music while her mother was driving and her two younger brothers were fighting back. In that he realizes that they happened to some men but it does not take importance to him until they stop in a port with padlock. The woman lowered the keys trying to open that door while a dark man, who smoked a cigarette, saw it until another man came but he was obese. She looked at them seriously but inside she wanted to scream, cry and drive away those men from her mother, that's when her mother gets up and says something and then go to the car and leave as fast as there are those men. The minutes passed and these men followed behind them until the wheel deflated …

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  • Burger Mob

    The Return!

    July 31, 2016 by Burger Mob

    I am back, and ready to roll! Just a heads up, I'll mostly be posting poems from now on. I MIGHT post a short story here or there, but It'll be mostly just poetry from me.


    Ken Johnson (A.K.A. Burger Mob)

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  • Bluestar&Brightheart

    har har why did this publish before i wrote anything

    anyways hi i'm brighty and idk do y'all remember me. yeah well hey i'm here and i've written a ton since i've been gone and i'll probably post here and what not

    summer's coming up and i wanna finish my actual original novel so yeah thought i'd come back

    gonna re-do my userpage and everything bc i looked and it and choked it's awful



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  • Burger Mob

    All Too Soon

    April 23, 2016 by Burger Mob

    Hello, friends alike, I've written this blog to inform you I'm taking temporary leave from I Love Writing Wiki.

    I​I'll be back soon, but school has gotten in the way of me contributing regularly on this grand place.

    I'm not mad at anyone, I just need time to get the gears running again.


    Ken Johnson (A.K.A Burger Mob) 

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  • Leopardclawxx

    Rather than add to the grossly long nonsense of the other post, I thought I'd compile response here into a definitely going, maybe and definitely yes list. Please, please comment on your thoughts on any of these things, as any ideas as to improvements or volunteers to run stuff is appreciated. The 'scores' you see are the ration of yes / no, in that order, though I haven't scored the maybes as I'd like to discuss them further. 

    Featured User: 0 / 4

    Adoption: 0 / 4

    Writing help: 1 / 3 


    Reviews (run by Bird)

    Writing Club: 4 / 0

    Discussion Week: 4 / 0

    Writing Competition (run by Rmjii)


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  • IRmjii


    March 1, 2016 by IRmjii

    Guess who's back.
    It's IRmjii and he is about to attack.
    Look out for me here.
    I'm here to stay so let's av' a beer.

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  • Leopardclawxx

    Wiki-wide Revamp

    February 20, 2016 by Leopardclawxx

    Hullo chaps, long time without a blog from me, huh? Well, recently Bird has brought it to my attention that this place is dying a slow death. I've seen wikis die before, and I'm not about to give up on this one totally yet. I know everyone's busy, so am I, but if every user, from the oldest to newest help, I believe we can breathe a little life back into this damn site yet. 

    My first proposition is this - we go through all the current projects, weeks, whatever and take a vote on whether we want to keep them. Hence why I've made a blog - I reckon a forum would get too messy. Below I've made a bullet list of all the projects etc and their current aims. In your comment, please list all the project names again and next to them, vote on whether …

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  • Doctor714

    Story 1: Chapter One

    February 11, 2016 by Doctor714

    Rumors. There are rumors everywhere. At schools. At work. On social media. On the news. Everywhere. Rumors. Here in the year 2165, there are lots of rumors. One rumor that’s spoken everyday now is about a rebellion. I don’t know what for, just that there’s plans for a rebellion that will supposedly happen on July 15, two days before I turn 13. Who am I? Well, let me tell you about myself.

    My name is Jack Wilson. I was born in Scotland on July 17, 2152, almost 13 years ago. When I was 5 years old, me and my parents moved to the United States. We moved to a small house in Denver. Colorado. We still live in that house. I like it. It’s just big enough for the three of us, and it looks nice, both on the inside and the outside. I don’t have very …

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  • Doctor714


    February 11, 2016 by Doctor714

    Hi everyone! I am new to this wiki. I am on other wikis, but I decided to check this one out. I am currently writing 1 or 2 stories at the moment. They are both novels and original ideas of mine. I haven't continued one of them since the end of November 2015, the other in a week or two. I am 16 years old. I will post one of my two stories in separate blogs. Each chapter of it will be in separate blogs, no matter how long the chapter is. I will wait to see what everyone thinks of each chapter before posting the next one.

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  • Birdpaw


    February 2, 2016 by Birdpaw

    I've been writing since I was 13, (I practically grew up with some people on the wiki)

    And I think I've decided to publish my stories, see what can happen out of it right?

    But if there's one thing this lovely wiki is lacking it's people actually taking the time to comment and critique on stories to help the writers on this wiki to improve their writing, I know that we don't have many users, but we do have small ways to do this with our numbers, say, the Review Stories, am I the only one that still remembers that? I legit used it recently, and have been patiently waiting.

    As much as the 'This is gr8 story love it' is nice and all, it doesn't help me improve for the reader, I want the reader to enjoy the story, live the story, understand the ch…

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  • IRmjii

    Just a quick message to say to you guys
    Don't worry i won't be saying any goodbyes.

    Life is taking over me more and more.
    To the point where everyday feels like a chore.

    Some days i am too busy to write
    Because most days is a boxing fight.

    Life is hard i know.
    And one day a spark will glow.

    Ok i'm exaggerating a bit.
    But one day i may have a fit.

    I'm growing old don't you see.
    So work and education doesn't really fill me with glee.

    Anyways the point is i need to say.
    I will be absent right up until possibly May.

    I'm taking a short break don't you fear.
    See you soon in about a year.

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  • Flanimal4114

    Story of the week

    January 7, 2016 by Flanimal4114

    so if there isn't a real apge for ths, ill just do ab log for it and soon will do more fun things too.

    so im going to do a story of the week thing and a newsletter (if i dont get shut down first) im a noob i know but here goes. yoiu can vote below for your fav and if i dont have one you want you can say so and ill fix it :D

    its is done on recently edited, and resalts will be published in my blog newsletter thing :) resolts on the sunday

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  • Bramblestar2521

    Before I start- MERRY CHRISTMASSSS!

    Okay, so here's the thing. Has anyone been noticing a little note in their Profile pages which is not your own edit? That's right, there has been a user leaving easter eggs all over the place!

    It's not me, but my friend Ivy has been leaving her signiture X'mas greeting phrase all over the wiki. If found, please collect 10 different phrases, then write on my wall. First user to find 10 phrases will get an original X'mas-themed song from me. Plus (if I want to xP), you can participate in my next ReynaJ music video as VO.

    Phrases will range from X'mas, Hannuka, christmas festive things and Chinese new year. Please have fun!

    Here's a starter phrase:

    Let it gooo~ Ivy (B)


    Ivy and Bramble

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  • BeautifulSnowfur

    Hi! My name is obviously Snowfur!

    XD But you can call me Skye because that sounds like a cool name and it has to do with my story that I'm writing and I couldn't think of anything better.

    I come from the Warriors Fanfic Wikia, so I'm pretty acquainted with Wikia. But then I decided that I also wanted to write other stories, where the main characters are not cats, so here I am! 

    So if you feel like it, comment and tell me your name and anything else about yourself that you might want to add! 

    Oh oh oh! *claps* One more thing. I'm a huuge fan of Taylor Swift! And since she's so famous I'm hoping that there are some fellow Swifties on this wiki that I can fangirl with. So, if you're a Swiftie and you're going to comment, it would make me weeeally…

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  • DanChan123

    TFO Story Idea/Notes

    September 16, 2015 by DanChan123

    Request to the wiki staff: I put this content in a blog post because you didn't list "story brainstorming pages" under the OK list next to stories, etc. Since blog chat expires, I want to put this somewhere where I can edit it often and get infinite comments, like an article page. If its okay, I would like this to go as an article. Answer me via talk page.

    Warning: While the possibility may vary, the content on this page may become the seed of a great story that people might not want spoiled. While I the future (depending on whether I want to go through this or not) author of this maybe-story, DanChan123, doesn't really care much about that right now, read at your risk. I am mainly looking for constructive advice to help make my epic story i…

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  • Vyzyran

    Hello, everyone! My name is Vyzyran. I write High Fantasy stories, and have been working on one story in particular, known as The Hunter-King. And now, it's finished, and it's been published on Amazon. 

    I should warn you that, though the first two or three chapters are Safe, dealing with just life around the village that the main character lives in, the book itself would be considered explicit, with multiple references to sex, and a lot of violence described in moderate detail. 

    The book is available here: this link right here

    Here is the first chapter of the book:

    It was a cold morning. It always was this time of year, though it was now the time for sowing the seeds and preparing for the Festival of The Spring. It was a cold morning, and the …

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  • Bramblestar2521

    Hello everyone. Bramble's here to explain her sins... not.

    I've been away for a month and more, pushing our Midsummer project to the brim of IRmjii's list of things to do. I apologize for your workload, IR.

    In these 5 weeks, I've been contributing to a dramatic arts showcase for Ryeson's summer course. It took up a lot of time for my dance practice, and I had to tune the piano in order to compose my piece of art for the showcase. The piece didn't get published in the end, but it has recieved very good feedback as far as I know.

    The creative script writing part was intense, as I had to compose a 10 page script in 3 days, printed on the third day morning. I spent a lot of time on it, and they didn't have time to put it in the showcase. The work…

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  • RapidsLurker15

    Hello everybody, it's RapidsLurker15 with the ninth installment in my Q&A Questions series. The purpose of this post is to comment your fan question about the eleventh arc in The Lightning Warrior (but you can also ask about the first ten). Feel free to ask your fan question before next Thursday (9/3/2015) and it will be answered!

    Rapids 20:19, August 27, 2015 (UTC)

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  • RapidsLurker15

    Hello everybody, it's RapidsLurker15 with the eighth installment in my Q&A Questions series. The purpose of this post is to comment your fan question about the tenth arc in The Lightning Warrior (but you can also ask about the first nine). Feel free to ask your fan question before next Tuesday (7/28/2015) and it will be answered!

    Rapids 19:19, July 22, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Berglund

    Dear Reader

    July 1, 2015 by Berglund

    Not sure what type of piece this is, but I wrote it about the pain you deal with when you're being bullied, which is a topic i know all too well, not sure if it's good, but here we go! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Dear Reader,

    Pain, how can you run from it when it’s lives in your heart?

    You can’t. It stays in there, consumes you. You can’t just tear your own heart out and make it all go away, you can’t erase the memories. No power can take it away, nothing can heal a scar.

    Not when it’s a scar in your soul. It stays there, even long after I’m dead and gone. That scar will never go away, that ugly, ghastly scar.

    Pain’s changed me, I’m not the same. The Person I was before this,

    She’s gone…

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  • RapidsLurker15

    Hello everybody, it's RapidsLurker15 with the seventh installment in my Q&A Questions series. The purpose of this post is to comment your fan question about the ninth arc in The Lightning Warrior (but you can also ask about the first eight). Feel free to ask your fan question before next Tuesday (7/7/2015) and it will be answered!

    Rapids 17:21, June 27, 2015 (UTC)

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  • RapidsLurker15

    Hello everybody, it's RapidsLurker15 with the sixth installment in my Q&A Questions series. The purpose of this post is to comment your fan question about the eighth arc in The Lightning Warrior (but you can also ask about the first seven). Feel free to ask your fan question before next Tuesday and it will be answered!

    Rapids 17:28, June 2, 2015 (UTC)

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  • XxxPitlsaxxx

    If you have any questions about this chapter, I will answer it.

    XxxPItlsaxxx (talk) - 19:48  24 April 2015(UTC)

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  • XxxPitlsaxxx

    If you have any questions about this chapter, I will answer it.

    XxxPItlsaxxx (talk) - 21:12  14 April 2015(UTC)

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  • RapidsLurker15

    Hello everybody, it's RapidsLurker15 with the fifth installment in my Q&A Questions series. The purpose of this post is to comment your fan question about the seventh arc in The Lightning Warrior (but you can also ask about the first six). Feel free to ask your fan question before next Tuesday and it will be answered!

    Rapids 22:25, April 2, 2015 (UTC)

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  • EtherBot

    Oh Swell.

    March 29, 2015 by EtherBot

    So here I am.

    On vacation over at the neighbors at the north, Canada, clearing my mind of writing pasta's or stories, so I can focus on my work.

    And then BOOM. I come back home and start to unwind to find out that I am an inactive user.


    I'd enjoy an explanation.

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  • RapidsLurker15

    Hello everybody, it's RapidsLurker15 with the fourth installment in my Q&A Questions series. The purpose of this post is to comment your fan question about the sixth arc in The Lightning Warrior (but you can also ask about the first five). Feel free to ask your fan question before next Tuesday and it will be answered!

    Rapids 01:38, March 11, 2015 (UTC)

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  • RapidsLurker15


    February 18, 2015 by RapidsLurker15

    Hello everybody, RapidsLurker15 here with an update. Due to my grades, I am being forbidden from using any technology until I get them up. For this reason, Chapter 43 of The Lightning Warrior will NOT be out tomorrow, and it's quite possible it might not be up for a while. I will unfortunately have to be inactive until my grades are up, so, until then, goodbye...

    Rapids 21:17, February 18, 2015 (UTC)

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  • AgnosticPriest

    I just finished the prologue for Rampart. Productivity is usually a four-letter word in my case, but there you go! Three paragraphs of story and formatting that I may have screwed up! I'd love your feedback, please. Masochism is an essential trait for any good artist.

    P.S. It's Friday the 13th!

    P.P.S. I just noticed that my first blog post was on the first of January. It doesn't mean anything, I just thought I'd let you guys know that.

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  • Alpha Ranger

    Hello I am Alpha

    February 8, 2015 by Alpha Ranger

    Hello I am alpha! I am a entergetic and happy person.

    On this wiki I will write songs (mostly happy ones) and fanfictions. It may take a little time till I start because I am new to writing but do enjoy it.






    I hope to meet a lot of people... and hai XD

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  • RapidsLurker15

    Arc 5 Q&A Questions

    January 22, 2015 by RapidsLurker15

    Hello everybody, it's RapidsLurker15 with the third installment in my Q&A Questions series. The purpose of this post is to comment your fan question about the fifth arc in The Lightning Warrior (but you can also ask about the first four). Feel free to ask your fan question before next Tuesday and it will be answered!

    Rapids 22:22, January 22, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Bramblestar2521

    Collab Alert!

    January 12, 2015 by Bramblestar2521

    Hi guys!

    I'm Bramble and I'm starting a new fic- a Harry Potter collab!

    I'm lacking of OCs, collab partner and ideas. FILL UP THE FORM BELOW AND SEND ME ONE IF YOU HAVE 'EM!






    NO FLAMES OR SPAMMING!!! See that  small reply button? Click and submit them in the comment box!



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  • Leopardclawxx

    Discussion Week

    January 7, 2015 by Leopardclawxx

    In my endeavours to get people to actively participate in this wiki's community, I have yet again come up with another idea. There's actually writing going on here now, which is good, but do you know the other important part of a writing community that we are - and I'm sorry to say it - hopelessly bad at? Discussion. 

    So, I introduce you to Disscusion Week! 

    I'm sure you're all fully aware of our lovely forums, and hopefully of our discussion forums which see tragically little use (Originals, Fanfic, Poetry, Songfic). So my idea here, is in short to make some use of them. 

    Now my plan is that we have a week in the near future, maybe once a month, maybe once every two months, and we use the heck out of these forums. I'm not entirely sure the b…

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  • AgnosticPriest


    January 1, 2015 by AgnosticPriest

    I'm aborting the story "Rampart" in favor of a completely new story that I think I can swing. The more I thought about it, the more I realized the concept I had going was full of plot holes that I'd have to fill with contrivances. A few elements from the originally planned "Rampart" will be incorporated, but the story itself will be gone. Look forward to something different altogether!

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  • RapidsLurker15

    Arc 4 Q&A Questions

    December 30, 2014 by RapidsLurker15

    Hello everybody, it's RapidsLurker15 with the second in my Q&A Questions series. The purpose of this post is to comment your fan question concerning the fourth arc in The Lightning Warrior (but you can also ask about the first three). Feel free to ask your fan question before this Saturday and it will be answered!

    Rapids 18:17, December 30, 2014 (UTC)

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  • RapidsLurker15

    Hello everybody, RapidsLurker15 here with another The Lightning Warrior (TLW) Updates blog post. This Updates is about The Lightning Warrior specials. The section has been on the main The Lightning Warrior page for quite awhile. However, I feel the story has progressed enough for specials to start.

    There will be no new chapter on Thursday, as it is Christmas. So I feel I will have time to write an entire special. I am currently working on Special 1: Secret of the Crystal Kingdom, and it will be available for public reading here and on Template:The Lightning Warrior Chapters as soon as I am finished.

    The specials will follow this pattern:

    • Prologue
      • Introductory scene. Sets the stage for the plot.

    [Introduction like on the main Lightning Warrior chapters]

    • Sce…
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  • Leopardclawxx

    An Idea

    December 8, 2014 by Leopardclawxx

    oh god leo not again; you say

    but w/e here's an idea 

    i was thinking that as part of my never ending quest to try and get people to actually write on this website (wow!) that maybe we could start a monthly prompt thing 

    so like not necessarily like a club like writing club, but where we have a photo or something and hopefuly that gives inspiration?? idk


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  • RapidsLurker15

    Hello everybody, it's RapidsLurker15 with the first in my Q&A Questions series. The purpose of this post is to comment your fan question concerning the first three The Lightning Warrior arcs. Feel free to ask your fan questions here before this Saturday, and your question will be answered!

    Rapids 04:11, December 3, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Berglund

    Capture The flag

    December 2, 2014 by Berglund

    Should I turn this into a story?

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  • RapidsLurker15

    TLW Updates 2: Q&A

    December 2, 2014 by RapidsLurker15

    Hello there. I am RapidsLurker15 and, if you didn't know, I am the author of The Lightning Warrior. This is the second installment in my The Lightning Warrior (TLW) Updates series. This update will occur once the last chapter in the Blue Moon Arc has been released (I'm jumping the gun, I know). Once that chapter is out, I will take your fan questions and answer them!

    I will even have my own subpage for those Q&A's, and they will be separated by arc. The first Q&A will concern the first three arcs (the Red Arc, the Tournament Arc, and the Blue Moon Arc), while each future Q&A will concern only one arc. I will create a separate blog post to take your questions, and the links will be posted here once they're up!

    • Red Arc, Tournament Arc, Blue Moon …
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  • Silverfire321


    November 23, 2014 by Silverfire321


    I come back, and BAM!

    Half my stuff is gone. Just because I was writing it on paper and STUDYING FOR FINALS doesn't mean you guys can delete it!

    ... actually, I guess you guys can....

    But please un-delete my stories and give them back. Especially my Harry Potter one! I was actually making progress on those. On paper. 

    Besides, how can I write on the wiki IF YOU TAKE AWAY HALF MY STORIES?

    Sorry to all you people I just yelled at. But, really, I come back after taking eight finals and discover half my stories on my page are in red? 

    Now, instead of closing of with :), it's gonna be a.... crying face.

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  • RapidsLurker15

    Hello everybody, it's Rapids here. If you didn't know, I am the author of The Lightning Warrior. This will be the first in my series of The Lightning Warrior (TLW) Updates blog posts. This update will tell you about a pretty drastic Lightning Warrior change: Worldbuilding.

    Starting with the start of the next arc, the Blue Moon Arc, The Lightning Warrior will have its own worldbuilding page (as a subpage, of course!). This worldbuilding page will have information about characters, locations, events, story arcs, etc. that will have to be periodically updated as the story progresses. Each of these will be a sub-subpage, and each individual character/location/event/story arc/etc. will be a sub-sub-subpage, and any attacks that a certain character can…

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  • Leopardclawxx

    Hello! This week, 10-17th November, is aromantic awareness week. I'm pretty sure you won't know what that means, but good thing I'm going to explain it! 

    Aromanticism is defined as a lack of romantic attraction to anyone. It means that a person, such as myself, who identifies as aromantic does not get romantically attracted to anyone. This is not the same as asexuality, which is lack of sexual attraction. A person can be aromantic (aro) and feel sexual attraction, or asexual (ace) and still feel romantic attraction, or you could be aro ace.

    Aromanticism is a spectrum. This means that you can be on a spectrum of romantic attraction, just like with sexuality or gender. So you can be completely romantically attracted to people, which is conside…

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  • Berglund

    So, Bloody has made it clear that your story needs to be on this  wiki to be reviewed. But I have spent time at a RP wiki, making characters and stories, as i am the vice founder there. SO i was wondering if anyone would care to read what i jave  so far for a story, or a Fan fic. 

    It's about Hansel and Gretel, witch hunters. But they have a partner Kenna Crepsley.Kenna is part vampire, her grand father was Vampire. As a group they face Problems. One is Hansel and Kenna happen to have fallen for each other and that can harm their partnership.Another Problem is witches are planning something big. They ste out to kill hansel and Gretel. And they want Kenna to kill Hansel. SO she can see what she has done and kill herself out of suffering.But i…

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  • Bramblestar2521

    Collab ideas???

    November 6, 2014 by Bramblestar2521

    So hi, this is Bramble here, shouting out for a theme dump!

    I'm thinking of a Harry potter fanfic, and it involves a Obsessed!Draco, an angry!Harry and a couple of other characters. It starts of with Draco forgetting his girlfriend and claiming Harry as his boyfriend, then to more insanity. NO MATURE CONTENT!!!

    I need a few running gags, a few plot loopholes and an evil OC. 

    Anyone willing to help???

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  • RapidsLurker15

    My Story

    November 6, 2014 by RapidsLurker15

    Hi. I'm RapidsLurker15.

    I have an idea for a story. It's called The Lightning Warrior and it's about a special set of humans who have the power to control elements (e.g. lightning, fire, water, etc.).

    Unfortunately, I found that (after reading the wiki rules) extremely explicit stories are not allowed. If it helps some, it's mostly just explicit gore (e.g. characters getting decapitated by scythes).

    Basically, I need to know whether or not I can write this story. Please let me know if I can under what conditions (e.g. If you want the gore toned down, please let me know to what extent. Let me know how violent I can be with it.). If I can't, I really don't know what I'll do.

    With love,

    Rapids 04:23, November 6, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Bluestar&Brightheart



    I don't know what to say, really. I got super caught up in school and what not. Mind you, I was gone for like 8 months, so um

    Yeah idk what happened

    But I'm here again. And I will attempt to be here more.

    Brighty's still here

    I guess. 


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  • SilverHexxitFights


    October 31, 2014 by SilverHexxitFights

    Hello! I am SilverHexxitFights. When I saw this wiki, being the unprofessional author that I am, I knew it would be perfect for me! Be prepared to see me around the wiki from now on!

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  • Leopardclawxx

    On Poetry

    September 27, 2014 by Leopardclawxx

    I like writing poems. This is a fact, and it possibly makes me very sad. It's definitely a little bit awkward when in English you get to write a poem for yopur coursework, and the teacher asks the class "Who think's they're going to write their own poem?" and you are literally the only person to over-enthusiastically shoot your hand into the air thinking "Me, me, I love poems!" It's also a little awkward when reading other people's poems and you try to analyse them in your head. The caesura creates a pause, showing the depth of the persona's feelings...

    In short, I find poetry excellent. I find that writing poems give a way out to those nagging thoughts and emotions that linger in your mind and yet you cannot summon to tell other people no m…

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  • Leopardclawxx

    A Cup of Tea

    July 30, 2014 by Leopardclawxx

    Written on mobile, excuse mistakes.

    In most situations, I benefit from a cup of tea. I find it calming in a stressful situation, comforting when sad, and impossible to write without. I have got to the point where I find it incredibly weird not to have a cup of tea while writing.

    I suppose it's partly comfort and habit, and partly procrastination. There's something excitingly time consuming about going into kitchen, boiling the kettle and making a cup of tea, in that when you're doing all of that you're putting off what you're supposed to be doing under the illusion of productivity. 

    Yet I also find having a cup of tea there almost motivational. It's a bit contradictory. It's procrastination, but not in the way watching the tv or internet-ing …

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