This is the script for an episode of a fictional TV show I created called "The Browne Boyz", which follows a girl named Sabrina and her adventures with an a vocal group of three brothers, Carter (Ross Lynch), Logan (Gabe Morales), and Spencer (Garrett Clayton). The link to The Browne Boyz Wiki is in the comments! :)


Episode Summary

A mean girl, Nicolette has started a girl group, The Pretties, that absolutely hates the Browne Boyz. So, the Browne Boyz compete with them in a singing contest.


Sabrina Cooper

Carter Browne

Logan Browne

Spencer Browne

Brooke Cooper

Isaac Cooper

Kaitlin Cooper

Quinn Flannigan

Nicolette Garcia






(Setting: We are at The Browne Boys' house where they are just about to rehearse for another song with Sabrina)

Sabrina: Okay, gentlemen, let's review this one more time, this time at added a couple of editions.

Carter: Which we could really use, 'cause we got tackled AGAIN by The Pretties in English class.

Sabrina: Who are these "Pretties" anyway?

Logan: They're this girl group who thinks they're better than us. Oh well, at least they're hot.

Sabrina: I don't care if they're hot. If they're mean to you, just ignore them. Now, let's get to work.

(blows a pitch pipe)

Spencer: (singing): Losers...

Logan: (singing up a third): Geeks...

Carter: (singing up a fifth): Freaks...

Sabrina: NO! You guys, that's such a negative song!

Carter: Yea, we were just praticing how to take revenge on the "Un"Pretties!

(He, Spencer, and Logan giggle, then they sing "Unpretty" to the tune of the previous "Losers, Geeks, Freaks" routine)

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