Sometimes I pretend to be normal.

But it gets boring.

So I go back to being myself.

I have my own way to be myself.

I am loyal, honest, caring, and generous.

I wasn't born to fit in with the crowd.

I can't be what others want me to be

Because I'm not like everyone else.

Some people wish to be beautiful, rich, famous, and popular,

But I just want to be happy.

I'll be myself, no matter what.

Some will adore me

And others will hate me,

But that's okay.

It's my life, so I make the most out of it.

I don't need someone who can make my life complete.

I only need someone who can completely accept me

Just the way I am.

No matter what they say,

I'll always be myself

Because this is my life.

I am proud to be myself

And I can't be anyone else.

I can never be what anyone else wants me to be.

Today, now and forever, I will live free.

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