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This is my first story, so please enjoy!

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Author's Note

Hi! This story is written by Starry. Please do note that I am not extremely active, so I may take AGES to reply to any comments / continue writing etc.



"Why have you called me here, Shubabab? Surely you could have waited."

"No. This is a matter that must be settled immediately."

There were two people in the room. One more dangerous than anyone could ever imagine. She only did not know it. The other man was hidden in the shadows, smoking reed and wondering what to say next. The woman was clueless, and it was unbeknownst to her that inside of her was a great power that will not be contained. It was the job of the leader to protect his tribe, but never before had he have to deal with something only written on the walls of caves from the dark ages.

"The stars have woken, Sheila. Great dangers will overtake the tribe if they do not pass. Stars belong in the sky, woman, not on earth."

"I-I do not understand leader. Why are you telling me such things."

"Woman, you are young, you do not know the possibilities of this...thing."

"Tell me more."

"You are pregnant."

The woman took three steps back from the man. How could this be, she thought, it is not possible. Besides, what is wrong? Surely new members of the tribe are a genuine celebration, yes? Shubabab seemed to read her mind:

"This child is a burden on us all. She must be hidden, and think she is normal until her power shows. Only when it does, do you look up at the stars for help. If you do that before, the earth 's very core will die out like a flame, and we are doomed for a fatal death."

"What shall I do? I worship the stars."

"Travel south to South Africa, and go to Johannesburg city, where the stars are not visible. Keep her safe, and never look at the sky."

"Then I must go immediately. Is there anything I else should be informed about?"

"Oh, yes. The child's name is Faiza."

Chapter One

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