Stone walls will fall

Young hearts will break

For so long we're so strong

We shine until we fade

But don't stop burning


Stop telling me what to do

You think you know it all

But where are you when I need you?

Who do you think you are?

The last plans are revealed

The last dance is here

Will you give me an arm

Or pretend to stand tall and walk away?

Are we still the same two children

Who walked the almost same path?

Are we still the same two children

Who believed in the wrong world?


We are all we are

We are all we are

We are all we are

We are who we are


Do you know what he’s thinking?

Do you fear for his authority?

Do you know what condition you’ve gotten into,

Let alone the faith you’ve destroyed?

Do you wish for me to leave?

Do you wish for me to disappear into the dust?

I can do so

Just let me know

If you can forget all we have

The land is ours to keep

The faith we kept is deep

But your words alone can destroy all



And individual pieces of the Soul

Just like how they destroyed the people’s hope in the Manila incident.


On gold streets

The dust sleeps

For you the flames still dance

The skies changed, a new day

Are these the same two hands?


Now I understand

I cannot judge a book by its cover

I cannot judge a boy by his disabilities

I cannot judge a demon by the shadows accumulated

I can just walk away

And forget all of your beautiful words

But I must not forget the fact that

This is the unique part of you we shall treasure

Even if it hurts to say


We are all we are

We are all we are

We are all we are

We are who we are

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