Ard-Íl-Ö Chapter 2: Of The Urleydún

Author: Lord Isen
Rating: Moderate
Status: In Progress
Series: Ard-Íl-Ö

Of The Urleydún

"loj íl äökru? lot doin íl? lojhe íllonït soru?"

What is life? Where did it come from? Why are we here?

After Ä had completed his exploration of the world threefold a great boredom overcame him. His once unquenchable thirst for knowledge had been expended. All that he could see had been seen, all that he could know was known.

So Ä sat and contemplated his situation. After long deliberation the dark flaw of nature began to take hold. More and more Ä became discontent with the world he saw, and therefore sought a way to make it more interesting.

The One's reasoning was simple: if there was something else in Ö, then he could study what it would do, and by this never again run out of a subject to learn about.

So this rebellious nature festered within Ä's mind until he could no longer contain it. In defiance of the world that was made for him, Ä breathed new life into Ö.

The first life Ä created was the plant. The formation of another life form was something born of Ä's pure imagination; there was no existing model to use. As such his most early creations were immobile, simply growing peices of land.

Though simple, Ä found the plants fascinating. Without his aid they soon came to populate all of Ö. The riverbanks were lush, forests vast, the slopes of hills and mountains painted green with this newfound vitality.

Yet despite the new information granted by the plants, it did not take long for The One to master their arts. He was now a painter, always seeking a new more intricate subject of his portraits. So Ä created another life form, the first animals.

Some of these origonal animals might resemble their later descendants. Great Horned Antilopes, the Giant Legant, sea monsters of all shapes and sizes. But among these early beasts were those beings of legend which only heroic epics can now tell. These were the Dragons, the Urleyrärn.

Ä released the Urleyrärn and others out into the thriving paradise he created. He had realized after the plants that mobility led more interesting activity. The One watched his new mobile sons explore Ö for themselves, and find ways to live their lives.

At this time, Ä became fascinated with a certain trait of his creations. Over time they would adapt. The weak would die and the strong would survive, resulting in a bestiary quite different from his intentions. This had started to become apparent over time with the plants, but it progressed much more quickly and noticeably with the animals.

The animals were much more entertaining. For a long while Ä researched them and their descendants. But he still started to grow bored. Something seemind missing in his creations, something that would make far more intriguing to watch.

As the boredom grew, Ä looked within himself for answers. Eventually careful analysis gave rise to his much wanted solution. For he had created life, and that had become interesting, this effect could be more than doubled if his creations then would be able to create on their own.

Thus was born Ä's greatest mistake, and greatest creation. At first they had no name, but they soon gave themselves one. They were the Urleydún, The Great Races.

The Urleydún were not so different from Ä himself. Infact, as Ä would later determine, they were too similar to him. In comparison to other similar races that would one day populate the land, the Urleydún were giants. A single specimen might stand half as tall of the towering canopy-trees of those times.

Size was not all the Urleydún possessed, however. Mortality was not a concept yet conceived. Though wounds and sickness (if even encountered, it had yet to plague the world) could end a Urleydún's life, but no age could fell them. This same rule predominated all other races too, from greenest grass to fiercest Urleyrärn.

The Urleydún also held within themselves something their competitors did not. Their cognitive abilities outpaced all others by far. Not with long after their inception, the Urleydún had tamed the great Urleyrärn and rode them as steeds across the lands they claimed.

Language was a creation of these first races, not even Ä had yet to dream of it; only the Four Words had existed prior. From this invention the Urleydún found their name, and they called their language Urleytäk. Later races would call it Urleyian in their own dialects.

Greatest of all of the Great Races' feats however, was their most coveted ability to create. Though their abilities did not extend to the might of Ä, the could not formulate new forms of life on their own, the Urleydún were far more capable than any other race in existance in all of time.

The hand on a single Urleydún could raise a wall high enough to surpass their own height in a hour. A couple could carve their own river if need be in a day. Such unparalleled might made them proficient builders of all structures, some which would stand through to the last age.

Among the Urleydún, three races were raised by Ä. The first of these were called the Trukenmen. Ä crafted them from the hills of northwestern Ö, and there the Trukenmen made their home. These hills were later named Vorúm, the domain of the Trukenmen.

As the hills of which they were made, the Trukenmen held number and strength as an average of the Urleydún. As the first of the High Races to be made by Ä, the Trukenmen were considered closest of all sentient life to The One. Through them was Ä able to further develop the later Urleydún.

Second of the three races were known as the Trín. The Trín were raised from the vast plains in the south, henceforth called Targlind. Just as the Trukenmen were as the hills which formed then, the Trín were to the birthplace. Far greater in number were the Trín as compared to the Trukenmen, yet also far weaker.

From these attributes the Trín developed a society different from that of their elders. Left without the physical abilities of the extent of the Trukenmen, the Trín relied upon their greater numbers. While no Trín could hold up against a Trukenmen, a well organized host could outpace the former with ease. The Trín thus became masters in the use of indirect methodology to acheive their ends.

The last of the Urleydún to be created were the Idermen. From the towering mountains of the northeast they were born: few, but great in power. WIP

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