There may or may not be heavy spoilers for Virus of the Stars depending on if you've read the first book or not (wouldiputthisontheseriespage)

Also may allude to what's going to happen, and definately major character development here (+10 awesome points to anyone who can guess who the lyrics refer to at what times of the song, since there's most of the characters in here, see if you can guess or make predictions lol) 

It's my first songfic in a long time so bear with me c: 

Song is Anti-Gravity by Runaground. Lyrics are in italics c:

Tell me does it take a war to start a revolution?

I see the look in your eye.

Captain James Raner walked through the metropolis of Titan, and the main hub of the Galactic Sanctum, he wasn't quite sure about this, Marn asssured that they'd get paid well. Then again, he had noted that Marn had seemed nervous, the lady at the entrence swiped two cards across the large crystal doors, and they opened with a groan, there were many shapes and forms of people here, he walked calmly through them. He was directed to the penthouse, where he came face to face with the leader of the Galactic Sanctum, who had ordered to quaritine the suffering planets, and a lot of people weren't happy about that.

Hope is a bloody battlefield of disillusion

It's going to take sacrifice

Marn had his arms crossed, waiting outside a store, the nice old lady who owned the store offered him some food, but he waved her off, this whole business about eradicating the virus made him nervous, he shivered inwardly, and continued to stand outside the store. He blinked when there was a tiny shadow flitting across the street, he raised an eye-brow when a little short haired girl, around his age, peeked around the corner and stared at him with piercing green eyes.

All the blood that we're bleeding

Could fill up a broken heart

"Aelius!" Kara called, Aelius jumped up from his seat with finesse, and he frowned at her expression, "Now? This isn't good." He followed her down the hallways, where doctors were trying to calm the patients, who seemed worried.

Kara panted, "I tried everything Aelius, it's spreading too fast!" She cried.

Aelius shook his head, "Let me try, then." He muttered, but there wasn't much he could do without resorting to last resorts. He looked down at his hands as he walked, and frowned inwardly.

The secrets we're keeping could be used

To light the dark

Captain Raner took his seat across from the older man, who had his fingers entwined, he narrowed his eyes as Captain Raner sat down, and he murmured, "I assume you know why you're here."

James nodded, "Yes, Marn told me you had a mission for us, that requires us being discreet, I got to ask though, why be discreet about eradicating it? It's been reported wide-spread over the galaxy." He pointed out suspiciously, never taking his eyes off the other man, he kept in a defensive stance.

But we're anti-gravity, lock down humanity

Lightning insanity striking inside of me

The girl walked up to Marn, and looked up at him knowingly, Marn shivered at her gaze, and he grumbled, "What you looking at kid?"

The girl narrowed her eyes at him, and she hissed, "I have a name y'know." She puffed out her chest, "My name is Nyra Flayan! What's your name?"

Marn looked down at her, "You want my name? Where's your parents?" He asked, not taking his eyes off her. He narrowed them when she looked down rather sadly, and murmured, "Gone, they died of the virus in a quarintine, so I was left to fend for myself." She looked back up at Marn, the fire returning to her eyes.

He sighed, "Marn Riveria."

It's the heartbeat of history

Like lightning inside of me

Aelius walked down the hallway, with the doctors bowing to him nervously as he passed them, Kara whispered beside him, "How many have to die before this virus runs it's course?" Aelius didn't have an answer to that, he never did, everyone expects him to have the answer though, he clenched his fists.

"If you want me to be honest, it's learning and evolving, like we are, it's going to be a long time before it finishes, if it ever does, this virus will wipe out everything we worked for in the past." Aelius growled in frustration, as it rained ominously outside of the hospitol.

In the skeleton closet you'll never know it

The secrets are prisoner inside

James kept his eye on the leader, and he muttered, "The circumstances of this virus is definately suspicious, but don't you have the technology to eradicate it?" He stared at the older man, and not sharing a thought, And the technology to create it...? But no... What would there be to gain from killing the galaxy?

The man narrowed his eyes at James, "You're quite the perceptive man, James, your reputation proceeds you, your team has the willpower to even attempt at eradicating the virus before it goes too far, our technology cannot eradicate something that learns on it's own." He pointed out calmly.

Kaleidoscope truth from the ones who hold it

Keeping the hostage alive

Marn stared down at Nyra, who didn't relax her posture, he laughed, "You've got a lot to learn kiddo, your stance is all wrong." He leaned forward, and she jumped back when he pushed her, causing her to lose her balance. She growled, and tried to push him back, but he braced himself.

"Well, you definately have that fire." Marn continued to leaning against the wall, keeping his eye on Nyra, who asked cautiously, "What are you? A soldier?"

Marn laughed, "Me? No, I'm a mercenary, I do things for other people for money, sometimes often questionable work mind you, but me and my team get the job done, and we usually don't hurt innocent people," he hesitated, then murmured, "Actually this mission we're taking, it might save everyone."

All the blood that we're bleeding

Could fill up a broken heart

When Aelius was finished his healing, he looked back at Kara, who had a frown on her face, she was holding two purple flasks with tough gloves, she whispered, "That's going to come back to hurt you, Aelius."

Aelius smiled, "Might as well use it for others, I was born with it for a reason, why not use it for good?" He asked curiously.

"Because of the price you end up paying for it, power doesn't come without it's price." Kara pointed it out darkly, Aelius frowned, She has a point, I feel tired, and weak, like I take in some of the sickness everytime I use my power on others to sap the virus out of them, but maybe... His thought trailed off.

The secrets we're keeping could be used

To light the dark

Captain Raner stared down the man, who shrugged, "So, what'll it be? I'll be paying you, but if you want me to be honest, I think the lives saved would be worth more then what I could give you in droves," he closed his eyes, "Don't you agree?" He asked calmly.

James didn't let it show, but this man made him nervous, something about this whole virus business was fishy to him, but the man had a point, nothing was worth more than a human life if it was human life being threatened to the point of exctinction. He sighed, brushing a hand through his hair, and the man smiled, "So, what'll it be, Captain James Raner?" He asked darkly.

But we're anti-gravity, lock down humanity

Lightning insanity striking inside of me

Nyra had taken a spot beside Marn, and she asked, "How'd you become a mercenary?"

Marn laughed, "Well, I went to a combat school, taught us how to survive, and my friend decided to put his combat skills for others use, but then how would we get the money to start? Then we became mercenaries, at first it was hunting down common criminals for the people, or taking down Gorgots on our home planet, and when we gathered enough money, we bought this beautiful freighter, and people just sorta gravitated to us, we did things people were often afraid to do." He pointed out.

Nyra looked thoughtful.

It's the heartbeat of history

Like lightning inside of me

Aelius was sat back down in his seat, his spear humming beside him, he wrote something down, and jumped when a holocommunicator beeped, he clicked it, and raised an eye-brow on who it was.

"Marn, long time no see." He muttered quietly.

Marn waved, "Aelius! How do you feel about me bringing a friend for a visit?"

Aelius made a face, his hand reaching instinctively for his spear, "What type of visit, Marn?" He asked darkly.

"Oh! No worries, you'll like this guy, we got a mission, but I'll breif you when I'm there!" Marn laughed, and clicked the holocommunicator off. Aelius sighed, and relaxed his grip on his spear, he leaned back in his seat, and raised an eye-brow curiously.

It's not over, it's not the end

It's not over, it's not the end

We broke out, now we're breaking in(x2)

Captain Raner sighed, and nodded, "All right, we'll eradicate this virus for you, we'll also look into how this started, just so it doesn't happen again." He stood up, and stared down at the man, I am not the one to threaten. He thought darkly, but the man seemed unfazed, actually he seemed happy.

"Good, I hope you get started, many people are dying, Mr. Raner, it's best we don't waste time, or else everything will be gone from this galaxy's existence." The man muttered, and stood up also. Captain Raner turned around, and left the building tensely.

But we're anti-gravity, lock down humanity

Lightning insanity striking inside of me

Marn looked up when Captain Raner came up the street with his hands in his pockets, "Oh hey Cap'n! I want you to meet somebody!" He said excitedly, and waved to Nyra, who stepped away from the wall to face the taller man, Captain Raner raised an eye-brow, and he asked darkly, "Who's this?"

Nyra looked up at him, and stood her ground, Marn was amazed, usually people somewhat tensed around James, but this girl... She looked up, and murmured, "My name is Nyra."

It's the heartbeat of history

Like lightning inside of me...

Nyra watched as the two unfamiliar men stared down at her curiously, she took in another deep breath, Marn seemed like a cool guy, but something about Captain James Raner was off, but she had no where to go, no where to run or hide, she had to face a threat, she always has. She looked up at them both, and she muttered, "Marn said you were mercenaries."

Captain Raner eyed Marn dangerously, but before either of them could say anything they jumped at her next question.

"Can I become one of you?"

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