The moon had risen. Sunyarrow dashed through the forest. As the moon rose higher, she ran closer to their meeting spot...

Moonhigh had arrived. Sunyarrow and Jagged were together- again.

"So, what is ForestClan?" Jagged asked.

"ForestClan was founded by Forest, and it is an organized group of cats. They live here," Sunyarrow answered. "Clans are lead by a leader. A leader has nine lives granted by StarClan, our dead ancestors. Their name also ends with the suffix -star. Medicine cats foresake a mate and kits to heal their clan. Every half-moon, the ForestClan and MoorClan medicine cats and their apprentices go to the Mooncave and share with StarClan. Medicine cat apprentices are chosen because they have a good connection to StarClan."

"Tell me more," Jagged persauded.

"After a leader gets his or her nine lives, he or she has to choose his or her deputy, or successor, before next moonhigh," Sunyarrow continued. "If a deputy dies or retires to be an elder, the leader has to choose another deputy before next moonhigh. If a leader dies, then the deputy becomes the leader. Warriors are cats that can order around apprentices. Just- go, it's getting too early. I better go."

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