This is a warriors Fan-Fiction by Cloudwhisker.


My claws rake the pelts of my opponents, my yowls being heard far off in the horizon. I hiss at Shredheart, the mangy black tom taunting me, slashing at his ears.

Rippleheart, my deputy, stares at me in horror whilst I fight. "Hailstar, what in the name of StarClan will we do?"

"We teach those crowfoot-eaters a lesson," I snarl, chasing Shredheart yowling into the bushes.

"No!" Rippleheart's gaze was dark. "The Clan will perish!"

I gave a snarl. "StormClan, retreat!" I yowled. The snickers of the opposing WinterClan battered my ears, and I gave them a glare as my Clan ran to camp.

The stars shone in Silverpelt, draping like a spiderweb. I stood on the Star-Watch Rock, gazing up at them. My medicine cat, Spottedfur, sat next to me, moonlight dappling her tortoiseshell pelt.

"Spottedfur, what will we do?" I said bleakly.

More Coming Soon

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